Our all-rounders – Highly Versatile



Our all-rounders – Highly Versatile

Because Precision Is What It's All About!

Bright and fast on target - by day and by night. Owing to state-of-the-art optical coatings, the MINOX riflescope line provides you with an outstanding transmission of up to 94 %* - for a consistently bright image. Thanks to an enlarged eyepiece, the Fast Target Acquisition (FTA) greatly improves your eye relief to get you quickly and easily on target. The bright glass fiber reticle can be finely dimmed to adapt to your hunting situation whether during the day or at dusk. The extra low adjustment towers give you an optimal overview in every situation. And the illuminated reticle with a position sensor has an automatic switch-off function. What more do you want? Discover the MINOX riflescopes for the highest of demands!

* in conformance with spectral transmissions according to DIN ISO 14490-5



  • •  The M*plus coatings provide 94 % light transmission¹
  • •  Fast Target Acquisition FTA: improved viewing comfort through enlarged ocular
  • •  Glass Fiber Point: finely dimmable glass fiber reticle – suitable for day and night use
  • •  Automatic deactivation of the red dot via position sensor
  • •  Extra low adjustment towers for a better overview
  • •  Comfort Service - 30-year warranty after registering your riflescope
  • •  Made in Germany

¹In conformance with spectral transmissions according to DIN ISO 14490-5



Fast Target Acquistion

A maximum transmission of up to 94%* provides outstanding performance in all lighting conditions.

A brilliant image even in bright sunlight and excellent contrast allow for proper aiming from dusk till dawn.

* in conformance with spectral transmissions according to DIN ISO 14490-5



Fast Target Acquistion

Gets you fast on target

The perfect interplay of scope, hunter and rifle are paramount for a successful hunt. When getting on target, the image produced by the riflescope is a decisive factor. It is exactly here, where the Fast Target Acquisition (FTA) plays out its strengths: Spending a lot of time positioning your eye behind your riflescope is now a thing of the past.

And this is how it works: The optical design of those MINOX riflescopes featuring FTA has reduced vignetting to an absolute minimum. This not only ensures an exceptionally bright and sharp image all the way to the outer edges of the field of view, but also increases the size of the exit pupil. This allows you to quickly align your eye with your riflescope and inside the exit pupil.

The result: The FTA gets you fast on target for a safe and accurate shot.



Illuminated reticle #4

Reticle #4



  • •  1-5x24 / 1-5x24 S*
  • •  2-10x50 / 2-10x50 S*
  • •  3-15x56 / 3-15x56 S*
  •   * also available with rail.


  • •  MINOX riflescope
  • •  Ocular protection cap
  • •  Objective protection cap incl. adapter
  • •  Ocular protection ring
  • •  Allen key to adjust reticle position
  • •  Optics cleaning cloth
  • •  2 type CR 2032 batteries, 3 Volt
  • •  Instruction manual

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.