BN 7x50 C

The marine classic.


The BN 7x50 C is the classic basic model in the MINOX Marine Line equipped with an analog compass and reticle, and provides the highest level of precision optics and mechanics. The robust and grippy housing provides a perfect hold even in inclement weather and is water tight down to a depth of 16 feet.

With the MINOX BN 7x50 C you can use the analog reticle to estimate the distance to observed objects. Distance measurement can be carried out with the aid of a simple equation as long as the height or length of the observed object are known with sufficient accurancy: in practice, the size (height/length) is usually known because the observed objects are usually people, buildings or vehicles.

The compass can be illuminated with the push of a button so that you can also read the compass in the dark.

  • • First class quality optics
  • • Optical brilliance, high contrast and true color rendition
  • • Excellent transmission for a bright image even in twilight
  • • Precise navigation using the analogue compass and reticule
  • • Waterproof down to 16 feet
  • • Filled with nitrogen gas to prevent fogging
  • • Grippy and robust housing – ideal for use in inclement weather
  • • Single ocular adjustment - sharp from 13 yards to infinity
  • • High plasticity for a spatial image
  • • Comes with carrying strap, battery, ever-ready case and instructions

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